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Allergy Season is the Right Time for an Air Filtration System Check-Up

With spring in full bloom in the tri-state area, pollen is everywhere — even inside your building. It comes in, not just through windows and doors but through your HVAC system too. If people are sneezing and sniffling in your building, it could be a signal that it is time for a check-up on your air filtration system.


To Retrofit or Not to Retrofit a Commercial HVAC System?

It is a common conundrum facility managers face: should we or shouldn’t we retrofit an aging commercial HVAC system? In many cases, retrofitting an existing system is a cost-effective solution that will improve a building’s health, safety, and comfortability.


5 Significant Benefits of Variable Refrigerant Flow HVAC Systems

Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) is not-so-quietly emerging as the HVAC system of choice in large cities, like New York. From creating a consistently comfortable environment to improving energy efficiency, learn about the various reasons why facilities managers are choosing this advanced HVAC technology.


What is a MERV Air Filter, and What are its Benefits?

As more New Yorkers return to working in an office environment, indoor air quality (IAQ) has become a primary concern for building and facilities managers. One often overlooked consideration is the air filters used in commercial HVAC systems. The American Society ...


HVAC Systems Enhance Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in High-Rise Buildings

These days, facilities managers are giving more consideration to the quality of the air inside commercial buildings, because of the influence it has on health. If you are concerned about the spread of COVID-19, consider the benefits of improving indoor ...


Our Team Weighs in on Local Law 97 Building Compliance

As part of a long-term plan to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in New York City, the passage of Local Law 97 is causing large commercial building owners to consider energy usage and emissions. Find out how this new city regulation could impact your building and what you can do about it from our own Salvatore Amato.


Local Law 152: Everything NYC Building Owners Need to Know

The enforcement of Local Law 152 — aimed at improving the safety of exposed gas piped systems in New York City Buildings — has begun in the five boroughs. Before your inspection becomes past due, learn what this new city regulation means for your business and how to comply with it.