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Local Law 152: Everything NYC Building Owners Need to Know

M&S Mechanical Team

The enforcement of Local Law 152 — aimed at improving the safety of exposed gas piped systems in New York City Buildings — has begun in the five boroughs. Before your inspection becomes past due, learn what this new city regulation means for your business and how to comply with it.

What is Local Law 152?

It is the periodic inspection of exposed gas piping systems in NYC buildings.

When Does it Take Effect?

Local Law 152 is in effect as of September 2019.

Building owners are required to receive an inspection within the first four-year cycle that began on September 23, 2019. Your due date for inspection within that period is determined according to your building’s New York City Community Board. For example, building owners in Community Districts 1, 3 and 10 must have an inspection before the end of 2020.

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Who Must Comply?

The owners of all New York City government and commercial buildings must receive a gas system inspection from a Licensed Master Plumber every five years or face a hefty fine. Single and two-family dwellings are exempt.

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What are the Benefits of this Service?

Enacted after several deadly New York City building explosions, Local Law 152 is aimed at improving building safety throughout the city. The inspections required reduce the risks associated with gas systems.

In addition to helping you comply with the law, your Master Plumber could identify problematic plumbing issues, such as corroded, deteriorated pipe or non-compliant installations.

What Will Complying with Local Law 152 Cost Me?

Generally, inspection costs can range from $1,000 to $10,000. However, repairs with filings and closeout costs do not fall under the price of an inspection.

In order to help leverage costs, building owners can roll multiple inspections, including Local Law 152, Backflow Testing or Water Tank Testing, into one. Our staff of professional plumbing, mechanical and administrative personnel will work with you and your team to ensure that your building complies with the law, and the certificate of inspection is filed with the New York City Department of Buildings.

What if I Don’t Comply?

If you fail to comply with Local Law 152 by your applicable due date, you could be subject to a civil penalty of $10,000.

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What Happens during an M&S Mechanical Site Inspection?

During an M&S Mechanical inspection, our Licensed Master Plumbers and plumbing staff will test all exposed gas piping. We will examine your building for:

  • Defective piping
  • Code infractions (using a sniffer device, a technology that finds issues before they become a problem)
  • Non-compliant installations

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