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To Retrofit or Not to Retrofit a Commercial HVAC System?

M&S Mechanical Team

It is a common conundrum facility managers face: should we or shouldn’t we retrofit an aging commercial HVAC system? In many cases, retrofitting an existing system is a cost-effective solution that will improve a building’s health, safety, and comfortability.

The Key Benefits of Retrofits

Typically, commercial HVAC systems that are more than 10 years old begin to experience nagging efficiency and operational issues, which cannot be resolved through minor adjustments or recalibrations. When this occurs, the best bet is often an HVAC retrofit. This integration of new components into an existing system can be much more advantageous than a costly replacement.

Better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Among other key functions, your HVAC system is responsible for maintaining healthy air quality inside your building. If your system has not been updated recently, performance issues could be jeopardizing your indoor air quality (IAQ). Retrofitting your system will help those in your building breathe easier and worry less about contagious illnesses, like COVID-19.

Energy Savings

Over time, commercial HVAC systems tend to show signs of aging, like reduced performance. These older systems often use up more energy, cutting into building owners’ bottom line. A retrofit is a quicker solution to this common problem that will yield savings over time.

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Quieter Operation

Just because your HVAC system is essential to your building’s operations doesn’t mean you need to hear it work all day. Unfortunately, aging systems often become loud distractions. The strategic integration of new components can make your HVAC system operate much more quietly.

Increased HVAC System Lifespan

If your commercial HVAC system is older, a retrofit is one of the smartest ways to make sure it lasts. Through the strategic integration of system upgrades, your HVAC units will receive less wear and tear on vital components, extending their lifespan.

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